Better Herd Health

We know you value your cows. Treating them advantagously comes second nature to you.

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They are the lifeblood of your business and ensuring they’re properly fed and cared for is priority number one.

Removing a cow from production due to an ailment can cost you valuable milk production time. If a dairy herd is receiving more crude protein than needed, the excess intake may put undue stress on the cow’s metabolism.

In addition, a heat stressed dairy cow eats less and uses more of its energy to cool itself. This can cause a decrease in milk production and milk protein content. Therefore, it is essential that a concentrated, nutritional diet be provided.


By balancing Mepron® in a methionine deficient diet you contribute to combating expensive health problems such as mastitis, DAs (displaced abomasums) and poor reproduction. Mepron® provides proper methionine intake, reducing the need for excess crude protein. By lowering crude protein, Mepron® allows for proper forage intake, which in turn, helps maintain proper rumen function.