Less Nitrogen Waste

Better nitrogen waste management

Managing a dairy farm is a multi-faceted job. As today’s environmental concerns are growing, regulatory agencies are monitoring the level of nitrogen waste produced by dairy operations. Without balancing for amino acids, dairy rations may contain too much protein, increasing the amount of nitrogen waste excreted by your herd.

By balancing for amino acids with Mepron®, you can cut crude protein intake and effectively reduce the amount of nitrogen waste excreted by the cow. In a recent field study conducted in affiliation between the University of Wisconsin, the Evonik Degussa Corporation and 19 Wisconsin dairy producers, crude protein of the average diet was reduced from 17.6% to 16.8% without a change in milk yield.

A decrease of 1% crude protein (e.g. from 18.5 to 17.5% of ration dry matter) for an average dairy cow has the potential to annually reduce nitrogen waste by the equivalent of 75 pounds of urea. Large dairies can realize a significant reduction in environmental nitrogen load.