Mepron® Handling

Mepron® offers significant advantages over other products with its handling properties. In practical mill and farm conditions, rumen protected methionine sources are exposed to various handling processes and other forms of stress such as temperature and moisture. These factors might seriously affect the proper functioning of the protective coating. To maintain product features e.g. rumen stability, it is extremely important to maintain a durable, resistant coating. This makes the day-to-day use easy and reliable, as there are virtually no risks to lose protection through handling stress.


Easy to use. Easy to mix.


Mepron® mini-pellets have excellent handling properties. They are stable, free-flowing and dust-free. Mepron® mixes evenly with regular dairy ingredients including minerals and silages. No changes to your routine mixing and feed-delivery practices are necessary. Pelleting of feed mixes containing Mepron® is not recommended however, due to mechanical breakage of the protective coating.

Dairy cows also have reason to prefer Mepron®. Methionine compounds contain sulfur and thus may present palatability challenges due to odor. Due to the encapsulation Mepron® is extremely palatable to the cow.