Technical Information


Almost white, free flowing cylindrical granulate
Bulk density: 710 kg/m3 ± 10%
Particle size: Pellets 1.8 x 3 mm
Solubility: Nearly insoluble in water
Specified Values
Assay min. % 85.0
Loss on drying max % 2.0
Ash max. % 2.0



Mepron® is produced by coating methionine with a protective coating.


Mepron® is the slow-release, rumen-protected source of methionine for ruminants. Methionine is the amino acid most commonly limiting animal performance. Mepron® is included into dairy rations to achieve a better amino acid balance. Typical inclusion rates range from 10 to 20g per cow per day, depending on performance and ration composition.


The Mepron® pellet (1.8 x 3 mm) containing DL-Methionine is virtually dust-free, has a very high durability and low loss on drying (max. 2 %). Its technical properties result in excellent performance during conveying and in perfect flowability. Mepron® can be mixed homogeneously. The rate of rumen protection will not decrease when mixed with potentially abrasive components (mineral mixes) or when subjected to heat (85°C) and/or moisture (molasses, silage). The mechanical stress during transport with common conveyers (screw, elevator, pneumatic transport) has no effects on the rumen protection of Mepron®. Pelletizing of the Mepron®-containing mixtures is not recommended.

Nutritional Matrix
Digestibility 90.0 %
Crude protein 50 % Crude fat 1 %
Crude fiber 3 % Crude ash 1.5 %
NEL 8.1 MJ/kg (1.94 Mcal/kg / .88 Mcal/lb)


Storage, stability and packaging

Mepron® should be kept cool and dry in unopened original packaging. Storage conditions of 5° – 30°C and 20-75 % rel. humidity are recommended. Under these conditions, stability is guaranteed for 3 years from manufacturing date. The manufacturing date is part of the lot number on the package label.

Paper bag 2-ply and one line PE-coated, 25 kg net
Bulk bag / FIBC, 1000 kg net

Regulatory affairs

CAS-No. (DL-Methionine) 59-51-8
Customs tariff number: 230990
Mepron® is approved for use in all animal ruminant species according to European feed law and labeled accordingly. Mepron® is not subject to dangerous goods regulations. PDF form is available here.