Improved Rations


Adding excess protein to rations can help support increased milk production. However, expensive and undegradable protein can be costly to your wallet and unintentionally affect herd health. Balancing dairy rations for amino acids eliminates the need for excess crude protein, opening doors for better ration nutrition efficiency.

Balancing amino acids with Mepron® for efficient nutrient supply

Dairy rations balanced for amino acids provide the nutritional requirements dairy cows need to operate at optimum protein efficiency. If dairy herds are deficient in only one limiting amino acid, milk or milk protein production will be less than optimal. Achieving the correct amino acid balance is critical since adding one amino acid without addressing the shortage of another amino acid could reduce production by exaggerating the imbalance.

Methionine is difficult to balance with traditional protein feeds which are typically low in this amino acid. However, Mepron® supplies the right amount of methionine to your cow – making it easier to achieve the optimal balance of all amino acids.

Balancing amino acids with Mepron® for optimal forage intake

Feeding your herd with the right amount of forage ensures good butterfat levels, promotes better herd health and keeps feed intake consistent. Mepron® helps reduce the necessary amount of crude protein in your ration, giving you flexibility in your formulas to utilize alternative ingredients.

The positive results can range from higher butterfat and reduced DAs (displaced abomasums) to more consistent intake and the assurance that your dairy cows are healthy.

Lower your feed costs

Crude protein represents one of your biggest feed costs. Most of the crude protein consumed by a dairy cow – up to $1.50 a day – turns into waste nitrogen. Since feed costs are already at an all time high, extra waste nitrogen literally turns into a waste of money. Supplementing Mepron® into your dairy ration can help decrease the quantity of crude protein in the ration without sacrificing milk protein yield or overall milk production.