Improved Productivity

A lactating dairy cow is a complete biological system. Creating a healthier diet through amino acid balancing Production Graphcan positively influence a cow’s production parameters. Milk production, peak milk yield and milk protein content can all be increased by amino acid balancing with Mepron®.

Milk Production

If a dairy ration is low on methionine, the deficiency is potentially limiting milk production. In methionine deficient diets, an average 3.5 lbs (1.4 kg) milk increase per cow per day has been observed when the deficiency is corrected with Mepron.

The compilation of many research trials shows milk protein yield increases with amino acid balancing up to where the requirement is met.

Production Graph

This can either be achieved by increased milk-lb at unchanged protein content (%) or by stable milk-lb and increased milk protein content (%).

More Milk. Better Profits

The math is simple: increase milk production and increase your bottom line. Mepron® allows you to cut excess protein costs and reach new levels of dairy production. Overall, income over feed cost can increase by as much as 10%.

Increased returns from more milk protein

By correcting a methionine deficient diet, cows can respond with improved production. This adds to the returns from milk sales due to higher yields per cow of both milk quantity and milk protein.